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The Opportunity:

With a rapidly expanding infrastructure, and many new homes connecting to the grid, Africa is well on its way to achieving the goal of universal access to energy. The future looks bright as we continue to leverage relevant global best practices and local expertise to implement the necessary changes. The challenge is to arrive at science-backed, safe and cost-effective solutions that meet current regional needs and priorities, along with our plans for the future.
With a history of 120 years of safety science, UL Africa stands ready to support the energy and power technologies industries with services and solutions tailored for our local needs. We offer assistance in designing and deploying new power systems, and enhancing existing systems, products and components.

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UL Energy and Power Technology Services:

UL helps to support Africa’s energy and power industries with services for:

  • Gas and oil: safety testing, inspection, certification and advisory services for products used at drilling sites, refinery or service stations, onshore or offshore.

  • Power Utilities: performance, interoperability and safety testing and certification for meters, inverters, transformers, switchgear and large-scale storage. UL Africa also offers customized research, testing and verification programs to develop specifications for specific use environments and regional needs.

  • Generator controls: testing, performance and certification for onboard, grid interactive and prime power applications.

  • Engine generators: certification, testing, inspection and performance of engine generator equipment - including portable generators, residential generators, commercial and industrial generators, relocatable generators, micro-turbines and gas turbines - and installations.

  • Battery and energy storage systems: performance and safety testing for components and systems, certification services, testing to regional standards and requirements, and global market access services.

  • Gas turbine: testing and certifications to help ensure safety and performance of fuel delivery systems in ordinary or hazardous locations.

The Opportunity:

Africa’s energy sector is experiencing a dynamic transformation. National initiatives are focusing on moving the country away from economically and environmentally inefficient fuels and towards a more sustainable future. South Africa has become a global leader in the renewable energy space. It’s exciting to be in the forefront of a rapidly developing world industry, but assessing the safety and efficiency of innovative products and systems is a challenge.

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UL Renewable Energy Services:

UL helps to empower Africa’s energy evolution with services that include:

  • Wind Power: comprehensive testing, certification, assessment and planning solutions, plus ongoing operations and maintenance.

  • PV/solar: safety, performance and verification testing services, including customized testing services for evaluation of new designs, technical due diligence, measurements and inspection.

  • Grid: testing – including and full end-to-end system testing – conformance assessments and certification services for smart grid products to help ensure system interoperability, performance and security.

  • Power inverters: testing for power inverters, converters and controllers to key standards and local grid codes, for both stand-alone units and those intended for interconnection with local utility grids

The Opportunity:

New ways to transmit data and conduct business – on a regional and global scale - are rapidly rolling out in Africa. Trust is essential to the full adoption of transaction technologies in the mobile, finance, retail, transit and health spaces. To build confidence in digital transactions, business needs cost-effective ways of securing data at the point of capture, while it is in motion and when it is at rest. Achieving compatibility with existing infrastructures and compliance with standards and regulations adds another layer of complexity.

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UL Transaction Security Services:

UL solutions eases transaction security complexities with:

  • Global expertise, localized to regional needs. UL has accreditations from industry bodies including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express, EMVCo, UnionPay International, PCI, GCF, GlobalPlatform, NFC Forum and many others

  • Training and advice, test and certification services, security evaluation services and automated test tools

  • Strategic technology advice, functional testing, acceptance testing and security audits

  • Flexible, customized solutions to meet the needs of any-size business or budget.

The Opportunity:

Initiatives are in place across Africa to improve the management and handling of chemicals that present risks to human and environmental health. Achieving compliance with the evolving national chemical safety framework and standards requires effective supply chain management and responsible sourcing practices. Third-party certification of products and processes, along with training on complying with standards and mitigating risk, are also essential components of sound chemical management processes. Manufacturers that adapt efficiently to the new regulations will be better positioned to create a sustainable path to new profits.

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UL Chemical Safe Handling Services:

UL supports the drive to better protect people and places with solutions for safer management of chemicals, including:

  • Training and education on regional and global chemical management initiatives, standards, requirements and best practices.

  • Testing to regional and global requirements, including REACH (EU) and the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA/US), Reform UNEP/ICCA’s Responsible Care initiative best practices and South Africa's R1179

  • Chemical inventory services, and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) authoring and distribution.

  • Supply chain management solutions, including development of Restricted Substance List (RSL) and supplier training to help ensure suppliers fully understand and align with materials specifications.

  • Access to Prospector, a comprehensive free raw material search engine with technical information that makes finding, comparing and sourcing standards-compliant ingredients easier.

The Opportunity:

Public health authorities are constantly keeping up with innovation and advances in medical devices and diagnostics with the goal of protecting public health. For manufacturers wanting to sell medical devices and In Vitro Diagnostic Devices (IVDs) in South Africa, there is an established regulatory path that is evolving as well. In many cases, the documentation required to submit medical and IVD device market approvals can leverage testing and auditing reports generated by third parties utilizing internationally harmonized standards.

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UL Health Sciences Services:

Our global team provides the expertise and comprehensive test reports for medical devices, IVDs and laboratory equipment to enable complete and effective regulatory submissions for South Africa and other global markets.

  • Accredited non-Clinical testing including cytotoxicity, microbiology, biocompatibility and
    materials characterization

  • Mechanical and Electrical testing delivered by industry-leading engineers to support R&D, Certification, compliance and global requirements.

  • Access to global markets through third party regulatory approvals including Notified Body for Europe, Saudi Arabia, Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) for Canada and others

  • Certification for specific markets such as National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL ) for U.S. and Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalização E Qualidade Industrial (INMETRO) for Brazil to internationally harmonized standards such IEC 60601 and IEC 61010 for Laboratory Equipment.

  • Human Factors Engineering usability tests and assessments

  • Packaging, Shelf-Life and Sterility validation and studies

  • Software and cyber security testing and assessment

  • Wireless and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing

The Opportunity:

Bringing goods to the African market opens new potentials for profit, building brand value, and expansion. But doing business globally also adds significant complexity to business processes. Understanding how international requirements apply to your products in your target markets is not always an easy undertaking. And competition obviously increases dramatically when you broaden your business’ reach, so getting safer, quality-assured products to market fast is essential.

Working with UL means working with an expert team and a local guide, helping you to keep pace with ever-changing compliance requirements and get a real understanding of the rules and regulations of your target market.

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UL Global Market Access Services:

UL’s worldwide presence enables us to provide Africa with global expertise, tailored to local needs. Our GMA offerings include:

Compliance for the African Market - our local team can guide you through:

  • NRCS: applications for safety and Energy Efficiency – letter of authority (LoA Certificate )

  • SABS : EMC certificate of compliance (CoC)

  • Collaboration with SABS and local agencies to get you the compliance certificates that you need

  • ICASA: Local capability for 'type approval' certification

Global Compliance: Market access beyond the African market

  • Comprehensive, flexible compliance solutions. We can provide compliance testing and certifications for one region, such as Europe or North America (UL Mark), for many regions, or international. Our teams can help you navigate a single directive or multiple regulations.

  • Expedited access to global markets, via UL’s strategic relationships with regulatory bodies throughout the world and our participation in global certification programs such as the CB Scheme.

  • Our Global Market Access teams have the technical, regulatory and industry know-how required to cut through regulatory confusion, working together as a global network supporting you to navigate compliance and access your target markets.

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