A Strong Case for More Wind Power in Brazil’s Energy Matrix

With its impressive amount of wind resources, it’s no surprise Brazil is among the top ten countries using wind power. Yet, wind power has the potential to be even stronger in the local energy matrix. A combination of financial and entrepreneurial backing and support from experts could make it happen.

Already facing frequent hydropower shortages and overextended thermoelectric plants, Brazil needs to develop a renewable energy matrix now more than ever. Wind farms, for example, besides being clean and safe, are one of the cheapest sources of electricity, and UL research estimates the technically feasible Brazilian wind power potential at 500 GW on land, and 350 GW at sea.

Brazil could easily follow the German model of phasing out expensive, polluting sources and fully invest in solar and wind energy. By 2023, Brazil’s energy matrix is projected to be 11.5% wind power. Germany, whose wind potential is far inferior to Brazil’s, already produces 20% of its electricity from wind and solar energy.

With improved energy sector planning over the next 10 years, Brazil could radically strengthen its utilization of wind. Brazil needs investors willing to support research and development, as well as specialized experts who can advise and guide the national energy sector to safely and economically deploy the state-of-the-art renewable energy technology.

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