What to expect at Africa Energy Forum 2018

Solar improvements and energy storage among key issues



Solar panel advances, energy storage and Africa’s innovation opportunities will likely be among the hottest topics at the 2018 Africa Energy Forum.


That’s according to UL expert and Director of Due Diligence for EMEA, Adam Terry, who will speak on one of the event’s key panel discussions about future innovative technologies.


More than 2000 attendees from over 70 countries are expected to converge on host nation Mauritius for this year’s event and Mr Terry expects plenty of exciting discussion under the event’s theme “Reflections on the last 20 years”.


It’s some of the emerging technologies and opportunities that Mr Terry anticipates will be on the minds of many attendees.


Firstly, he said both on-grid and off-grid energy developments have interesting themes developing.


“With on-grid of interest are the advancements in efficiency and improvements in technology in solar panels in particular; and also storage for balancing services.


“Then for off-grid and micro-grid, replacing the need for diesel as the go-to backup is big … it can have a huge potential environmental impact.”


Energy storage also remains an important topic – and something which UL carries a deep knowledge about, he added.


“While energy storage is a relatively new technology for many investors, UL’s energy experience goes back to pre-1970s across many different batteries and energy storage systems.”


Mr Terry said UL has been “the ‘go-to’ global system” for energy storage, being called into landmark projects such as Boeing Dreamliner battery tests & improvements and major mobile phone battery improvements. Terry recommended those interested in energy storage reach out to the UL team at the event or contact the UL Energy team online. 


Finally, he said he hoped to see African innovation brought to the fore at Africa Energy Forum 2018 – to highlight that the region is not afraid to bring world-leading innovation. He pointed to the Seychelles floating solar project which is expected to generate 5.8 GWh annually and reduce the need for fossil fuel importation.


We wish all attendees a rewarding and inspiring time at AEF 2018. We invite you to come and meet the UL team at our stand to discuss your project’s needs and call on our experience and expertise to help you succeed with your goals. 


You can also hear Adam Terry speak in what should be one of the event highlights at the Friday morning panel session “Breaking Boundaries with Future Innovative Technologies” (Friday June 22, 10.40am, Conference Room 2.)


If you can’t make it to the event but would like to connect with one of our local African-based experts, you can contact us here.

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