Powerline Magazine Published “Standards Development Influences Industry”

For more than 120 years, UL has been influential in the energy market’s expansion. As the market grows in exciting ways and continues to push boundaries, UL is leading the industry in developing standards to help mitigate the risks that go hand-in-hand with innovation. With foresight, expertise, experience, and an innovative spirit, we’re adapting our services to meet the needs of our customers and the global market, and we’re continuing to help ensure the safest, most effective products find their way to consumers.

Some of the ways we’ve led in standards development in the energy market are:

  • As a global company, we’re working in countries and regions throughout the world, helping companies in those countries with certification and helping companies who want to be certified to sell in those markets. We work in the Middle East, Latin America, the European Union and elsewhere.
  • We work with Canada on bi-national standards so companies can get certified in two countries with one certification process, with the vision of unified global standards
  • We address changing technology and accommodate industry needs by filling gaps in certification standards. This helps ensure that our standards meet the needs of both the industry and the public worldwide. We seek input from stakeholders in the industry in order to provide the most relevant service and certification programs.

As electrical equipment becomes smarter and more autonomous, and as distributed energy and alternate energies grow in popularity, we at UL are focused on the future and grounded solidly in our 120-year history of making a difference in the industry. We hope you’ll join UL in discussions and participate in standards development as we continue to innovate and address your needs. We’re looking forward to your input so together we can continue to raise the bar for safety and performance of products.

To learn more about UL’s history of shaping the industry, read the full article by Jason Knedlhans titled,Standards Development Influences Industry.

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