Jun 06, 2016

Founded in 1962, Walmart has become one of the largest providers of general merchandise and groceries in the world. With fiscal sales over $400 billion annually, Walmart employs over 2 million employees in 28 countries. One of Walmart’s goals as a company is to sell products that sustain people and the environment. Walmart sells a diverse line of chemical products, ranging from motor oil to laundry detergent. Walmart’s challenge is to take a closer look into these products and find ways to continuously improve the chemistry of the product while keeping cost and efficacy in mind. Walmart needed a way to look at the ingredients of a product that kept the suppliers’ chemical formulations safe, while still assessing detailed information.


To answer their need for chemical formulation analysis, Walmart began using GreenWERCS in 2006. GreenWERCS is an automated tool designed to determine the “green”-ness of chemical-based products. The tool enabled the collection of formulation data from suppliers and provided Walmart with regulatory information. In 2008, GreenWERCS was chosen to begin analysis of another kind, comparing the ingredients of a product against a group of chemical lists that were chosen by Walmart’s stakeholder group, the Chemical Intensive Products Network. Leveraging the information already gathered by GreenWERCS, Walmart could see results from the lists of CMRs and PBTs chosen, and a numerical score was derived for more than 400,000 UPCs.


In 2009, GreenWERCS became available for suppliers to utilize. Now, suppliers are able to see their products, and some action has been taken on their part to correct incorrect information and improve ingredients, both improving overall results. The GreenWERCS tool has become a cornerstone for assessing chemical product sustainability, and will be used alongside other important sustainability attributes for a broader, stronger Sustainability Index.


Easily assess the health and environmental characteristics of the chemicals in your formulations. GreenWERCS software quickly evaluates ingredients either by reference to your own or industry-accepted criteria.

A User-defined Approach to Green Evaluation

The most unique features to GreenWERCS is our user-defined configuration.

Because each organization has its own criteria for safer chemistry, GreenWERCS allows you to easily develop your own algorithm based on your organization’s growing sustainability requirements.

In the end, GreenWERCS is the dynamic tool that adapts to the ever-changing regulatory and legislative landscape, ensuring that your organization stays committed to being safe.


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